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Anne von Freyburg Papillotage HOFA London

Anne von Freyburg's (Studio 0-138) solo exhibition Papillotage opens at HOFA Gallery London on 1st February 2024. RSVP to attend here

"Anne von Freyburg's discipline consciously centralises the woman as the subject rather than the object.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, has mainly been at the forefront of idolised female form, which is still today intertwined with mainstream culture. This series urges Freyburg to supersede tightly controlled boundaries placed on female attributes. Her objective is to free oneself from these limitations reflected by her unrestrained and unapologetic use of colour, shape and medium that is not limited within a restrictive frame or canvas." - text courtesy HOFA London

HOFA Gallery, 11 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London W1J 6PY.
Open Monday-Friday, 10am - 7pm, Saturday 11am -7pm, Sunday 12-6pm.