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Ed Hadfield's Working Group at Maryon Wilson Park

Ed Hadfield (Studio 0-206) is a Committee Member of Maryon Wilson Park and is looking to put together a Working Group to clear a path through the forest as well as clear the stream (a 20 minute walk from the Woolwich studios).

Ed says, "we'll be enhancing access to nature through creating paths for the public, plus experiencing the beauty of nature for ourselves (John Dewey's 'Art As Experience' & Richard Shusterman 'Pragmatist Aesthetics.')

The rough plan is to work as a group in the park either on a Monday or Wednesday say 10am to 1pm. Other times and days are possible. Let's meet for a chat to see what works for everyone :) "

Watch Ed's video of the forest on his Instagram @ed.hadfield

Please get in touch with Ed if interested - [email protected] or 07754 731 033.