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Growing Season Part One, Coven Collective

Tom Witherick (Studio TB-120) curates Growing Season, Coven Collective's first physical exhibition.

An exhibition and curatorial project in two parts it follows the work of thirteen contemporary artists from the beginnings of an idea to the finished outcome.

Exhibiting artists include Savannah Du Quercy (Studio TB-126), Chuting Lee and Caroline Bugby of MASS (Studio 7-016/17).

Address: 3B Lingards Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 6DH
Opening: Saturday 29th June, 2-8pm

"First the seed then the fruit!

Part 1: held in a suburban garden in SE London will be an exhibition of works in progress, initial ideas and experimentation.

Over the summer Coven will follow the artists as they scurry away to their studios and nurture their projects into wonderful works of art ready to be exhibited in Growing Season: Part 2 in Autumn 2024."

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