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Will Thompson, The Word Projector, Union Pacific

Will Thompson's (Studio TB-23) solo exhibition The Word Projector opens at Union Pacific on Friday 12th January, 6-8pm.

Will Thompson's latest body of work references the glorification of relaxation promoted by contemporary advertising and luxury brand campaigns. Each of Thompson’s intimately-sized paintings depicts an interior scene in which a lone figure is sitting, reclining or climbing on a sofa, drawing on the idea of idleness as no longer an insult but an aspiration. Thompson’s work is painted on board and built up through layers, using richly textured settings of checkerboard purple or quilted red fabric. - text courtesy Union Pacific.

Exhibition dates: 13th January-17th February 2024
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11–6pm

Union Pacific, 15 West Central Street, London WC1A 1JJ.