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Thames-Side Studios Talks: Giorgio Sadotti (2 Nov 2016)

Thames-Side Studios Talks: Giorgio Sadotti (2 Nov 2016)

Wednesday 2 November 2016, 6.30pm
Education Space (Unit 2)

A new series of talks from invited artists, makers and curators, both from Thames-Side Studios and elsewhere, to take place in the Education Space. Our second talk will be by renowned visual artist and curator Giorgio Sadotti. Giorgio has work held in the Tate and British Council collections and most recently presented a sound installation at Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall.

Artist Statement

I want things to be easy.
By utilizing the skills, techniques and abilities of others it allows me a sort of freedom; to do nothing.
I have previously asked classically trained violinists to run around a building emulating the sound of Police car siren's. (‘Violin Siren’, 2005 ongoing)
I went to america and didn't say a word. (‘Went to America didn't say a word’, 1999)
I installed a full working rock band's equipment in a gallery and encouraged the visitors to play the instruments. (‘1......2’, 1993)
I invited 31 other's to be me for a day. (‘Be Me’, 1996).
I love nothing and nothing loves me.
I bull whipped the Tate Christmas tree. ('SPELLS LIKE TREE SPIRIT’, 2013).
I took 31 fluorescent lights in a German museum for a walk. (‘HELL’, 2016).
I like to find things that are already there.

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Image: Giorgio Sadotti, Thames-Side Studios Talk, 2 November 2016; photo: Phil Ashcroft