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Art for Grenfell update from Hartash Dale

Art for Grenfell update from Hartash Dale

An update from Hartash Dale (4-02) with regards the Art for Grenfell Fundraiser:

"A great big thank you to everyone for supporting Art for Grenfell Part I - the fundraising part of this two part initiative. We raised well over £10,000 from the art auction, luxury raffle and donations. All the monies raised have been donated to the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, a local charity based in Ladbroke Grove. MCHC are in the process of setting up a residents’ committee to distribute a second tranche of funds, as and when residents move into permanent housing.

We hope to do our bit to keep the issues raised by the Grenfell fire on the map, with the second part of the our initiative 'Money Can’t Buy'. To this end, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre has asked us if we would be interested in collaborating in a community-based art project to mark the first anniversary of the fire on 14 June 2018. If anyone at Thames-Side Studios is interested in collaborating in 'Money Can’t Buy' please get in touch."
To do so contact Hartash at [email protected]

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Image: Art for Grenfell art auction, courtesy Hartash Dale, 2017.