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Thames-Side Print Studio, IMPRESS, at Lumen Gallery (1-28 Jul 2018)

Thames-Side Print Studio, IMPRESS, at Lumen Gallery (1-28 July 2018)

A selection of Thames-Side Studio Printmakers are exhibiting in IMPRESS at Lumen Gallery from 1-28 July 2018.

IMPRESS features handmade, original prints created at the shared studio, including etchings, linocuts and screenprints, among other techniques. Twenty-five printmakers are taking part, with pieces by emerging artists and leading figures in the field hanging side by side. IMPRESS is set to become an annual event to celebrate Thames-Side Print Studio’s vibrant creativity and communal atmosphere.

Lumen Gallery is housed in a RIBA award-winning building and is a beautifully calm space in the hubbub of central London. It has an adjoining café and is just a few minutes’ walk from Kings Cross and Russell Square stations. Whether you’re there to browse or buy, Impress is a chance to catch a glimpse of life at Thames-Side Print Studio – one of the largest open-access print studios in London.

Exhibiting artists: Julian Davies, Mick Armson, Tracy Catling, Chloe Cheese, Hartash Dale, Jin Farrall, Louise Fox, Michele Fuirer, Ruth Greenwood, Barton Hargreaves, Sandra Howgate, Gary Hutson, Anne Krinsky, Liz Lowe, Ruairi Fallon McGuigan, Sally McKay, Sandra Millar, Nick Richards, Kate Stephens, Russell Thompson, Everton Wright, Lucy Ward, William Wyld, Carol Wyss and Sisetta Zappone.

PV 1: Thursday 12 July, 6.30-9pm
PV 2: Saturday 14 July, 12-3pm

Lumen Gallery, 88 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RS.

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, and by appointment.

Image credits on flyer: Lucy Ward, Crow; Mick Armson, Piccadilly Circus; Hartash Dale, Moonlit Poplars; Carol Wyss, Ribcage, courtesy the artists and Thames-Side Print Studios