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Frank Creber, in Good Government Bad Government, Alison Richard Building, Cambridge (7 Nov-20 Dec 2019)

Frank Creber, in Good Government Bad Government, at Alison Richard Building, Cambridge

Frank Creber (Unit 8 Studio TB-258) is exhibiting in Good Government Bad Government, a two-person show with Michael Johnson, at ART at the AB, Cambridge from 7 November – 20 December 2019. The exhibition is held across all four floors.

Preview Thursday 7 November 6-8.30pm, all welcome.

ART at the ARB, Alison Richard Building, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT. Tel: 01223 760488 (ask for Judith Weik)
"The title of the exhibition 'Good Government Bad Government' refers to the Lorenzetti mural. This series of fresco paintings embraces the city and the wider country and the links between them, the vitality and humanity but also the huge problems we face, the mural is a touchstone for the collaborative project. Below is a link to information on the the National Gallery Page, and the Frescoes in Siena.

There will be images about mistrust; people in the community feel as if no one is in control of the beast any more, and that many beloved treasures are at risk, whether that be a local park being lost to a developer, or the NHS being lost to the private sector. There will be positive stories about how individuals make a community; how family life, local history, friendship and tolerance are developing a new community spirit - the paintings depict locally organised, informal and spontaneous activities that allow local voices to be heard." - Frank Creber, 2019