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Portrait masterclass by Irene Cuadrado (9 Nov 2019)

Portrait masterclass by Irene Cuadrado (9 Nov 2019)

Forthcoming to Thames-Side Studios Gallery is an exhibition of figurative painting, Figure This! (9 Nov-1 Dec, Preview 8 Nov), organised by painter Elina Cerla. Events will include a life drawing workshop, a conference (30 Nov) and a portrait masterclass. Booking is required for the events.

A portrait painting masterclass by Spanish painter Irene Cuadrado
Saturday 9 November 2019, 10am-12noon

The first chance in the UK to see experienced teacher and painter Irene Cuadrado explain her working process as she paints. Cuadrado will be painting a portrait from life as she answers questions about her approach to working from observation, the palette she is using and the materials she chooses. Bring along a notebook to take notes or a small sketchbook to draw as you watch the artist at work. Participants are encouraged to ask questions as they come up.

For more details go to
Contact Elina at [email protected] / 07774 30 60 65.

Figure This! is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Image: Irene Cuadrado, Figure This!, courtesy Elina Cerla and the artist, 2019