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Print Studio - Etching One-Day Intensive course (14 Sep 2019)

Print Studio - Etching One-Day Intensive course (14 September 2019)

Learn to etch with tutor Nick Richards on the next Etching One-Day Intensive course in the Thames-Side Print Studio (Unit 4) taking place Saturday 14 September, 10am-5pm.

Perfected by Rembrandt, etching today includes the same techniques as back in his day. This intensive will allow you to work with 4 different metals and 3 different acids. Firstly experiment drawing with stop-out onto aluminium plates and Saline Sulphate. Secondly roll a hard ground onto copper and etch in Ferric Chloride. Next up is rolling a soft ground onto steel then drawing a sugarlift onto zinc and lay an Aquatint before etching in Nitric Acid.

We promise a busy but rewarding morningʼs work with an afternoon dedicated to printing your plates.You’ll get the etching bug for sure. Cost £160 - to book call 020 8316 5522 or email Carolyn Nicoll [email protected]

Image: Etching one-day Intensive course with Nick Richards, Thames-Side Print Studio (Unit 4)