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Eunice Bossman-Okai Character Traits West Greenwich Library (until 2 Oct 2021)

Eunice Bossman-Okai, Character Traits, West Greenwich Library (until 2 October 2021)

Eunice Bossman-Okai's (Unit 5, Studio 5-235) solo exhibition 'Character Traits', exhibiting as Meitam London, is on now at West Greenwich Library until 2 October.

The exhibition is "about how we portray our character traits and the impact it has on others" - Eunice Bossman-Okai, September 2021

See more of Eunice's work at

West Greenwich Library, 146 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8NN
Open Monday 2-7pm, Tuesday 9am-5.30pm, Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 2-5.30pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Image: archival print, courtesy Eunice Bossman-Okai, 2021, printed at Thames-Side Print Studio