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Lucy Ward at Greenwich Printmakers (until 19 Sep 2021)

Lucy Ward, featured artist at Greenwich Printmakers (until 19 September 2021)

Lucy Ward (Trinity Wharf, TW-144, and Print Studio keyholder) is the featured artist at The Greenwich Printmakers Gallery until 19 September.

Lucy makes atmospheric aquatint, etching and dry point prints about landscapes and the natural world. She is fascinated by the way changes in time, light or weather can make the familiar suddenly shift into something strange. Her landscapes create a sensation of expectant stillness, while her prints of birds focus on the character of an individual she has observed in its own habitat, exploring watching and being watched.

To read about Lucy's printmaking process, visit the Greenwich Printmakers blog here

The Greenwich Printmakers Gallery, 1a Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ. Open daily 10.30am-5.30pm.

Image: Lucy Ward, Towards the Forest, aquatint, courtesy the artist