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Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2023

Thames-Side Print Studio is back at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, the largest contemporary print fair in the country.

The Print Studio presents a terrific line up of artists and printmakers, including many studio holders. From large scale woodcuts to intimate etchings, and bright, bold screen prints, there's something for everyone at the 8th edition of the fair. It's just down the road - no excuses!

Woolwich Works, London SE18 6HD
Open Thursday 26th- Sunday 29th October
Full details at

Artists showing with the print studio include: Mick Armson, Phil Ashcroft, Amy-Leigh Bird, Helen Ashton, Gerry Buxton, Paul Cakebread, Chloe Cheese, J. Yuen Ling Chiu, Louise Davies, Mickey Dell, Catherine Gerbrands, Ruth Greenwood, Desmond Healy, Adam Hogarth, Radek Husak, Julian Davies, Elena Kartintseva, Irena Krizman, Bethany Marrett, Tim Mitchell, Chris Moody, Lisa Pancucci, Karl-Peter Penke, Yuki Scholl, Lucy Ward, Cat Yong and Sisetta Zappone.