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Bea Denton, Songs of Lamentation, Charlton House

Songs of Lamentation is an installation by Thames-Side Print Studio (Unit 4) keyholder Bea Denton. It is created specifically to be viewed through the windows of the Summer House in the northwest corner of the grounds at Charlton House.

Large-scale hanging artworks will depict haunting images drawn from photographs found in cemeteries around the world, with a focus on the eyes, the window of the soul. The exhibition runs from March 14th to April 14th, viewable at any time.

Saturday 23rd March, 2-3pm: Artist's Talk in the Old Library at Charlton House followed by Death Café, 3-4.30pm, co-hosted by Bea and Tamsin Grainger, a community artist in Edinburgh and author of 'Death and Loss in Shiatsu Practice'.

Death Cafés are an opportunity to talk about death over tea and cake in a welcoming and supportive space. Both the talk and Death Café are open to all and can be booked via Eventbrite. This exhibition is supported by an Arts Council Grant.

The Summer House, Charlton House & Gardens, Charlton Road, London SE7 8RE.