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STUDIO ACCESS Come and print with us - whether you’re an experienced printmaker able to work independently or someone who’d prefer a technician on hand to help (Printmaking newbies - to get started, take a course). Three ways to use the studio…

KEYHOLDER MEMBERSHIP For printmakers extraordinaire! 24/7 access through our online booking system. Enjoy the flexibility and fantastic value! £40 one-off induction + £110/month

OPEN ACCESS MEMBERSHIP Session days on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-1pm and 2-5pm both days. Perfect for starters and those who’d like a bit more technical support. £40 induction, £80 annual join up + session fees (£20 per 3-hour session)


No need to join as a member - ideal for short-term projects or out of towners. £40 induction + £80/day

Use the enquiry form for any queries or advice. Or email us at [email protected] OR call 07815 090648.

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