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Jin Farrall

Jin Farrall

The images in my art work come from my childhood memories and dreams, past, life experiences and happy hopes and dreams for the future.  The forms in the work have evolved from mushrooms and nature.  I want to communicate with mushrooms.  In order to do this and present them as living beings with feelings and thoughts, I have created new abstract styles and the appearances of mushrooms.  I talk to them and combine them with the method and technique of printmaking, painting and drawing in doing my studio practice and studies.

I am interested in mushrooms as they always recreate many happy, secret memories and dreams from my childhood and my past. Much of the content of my recollections are of when my Grandfather took me to see and gather mushrooms in the fields near our home in China.

I relate to mushrooms, representing them as myself and expressing my feelings and ideas in my works to people.  I talk to mushrooms and I admire mushrooms for their happiness together, taking care each other, sympathy, shyness and quietness.   Using them as my art theme has given me and people who like my art work great pleasure and enjoyment.  I do want to share these with you!  I still have a dream - May one day Kingdom of mushrooms will come true!   

Dealing through simple forms with deep feelings and utilising images in large spaces, yet at the same time within these taking small mushrooms to generate huge memories. The mushrooms are always moving they are ever changing, large and small, happy and sad, weak and strong, full and empty, endless in the space of my memories.

So I treat them with soft, sharp and occasionally hard images but they are always moving.

Jin Farrall, October 2022