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Louise Davies
‘Morning Mist (unframed)’

Etching, 40cm × 43cm, Edition of 75
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About Louise Davies

Louise’s prints and paintings are primarily concerned with the landscape. Some are based on childhood memories, reflecting on the countryside and coast of the west of England where she spent her early childhood. However some of the prints are created from small paintings and drawings made on location in sketchbooks.

She uses vivid colour as an intuitive response to landscape. Her technique involves using deep velvety tones that contrast with delicate, spontaneous etched lines and textures. This technique is a vital tool for her to describe the light and atmosphere of a particular place, making it tangible to the viewer. This loose imagery and semi-abstract taps into the viewers shared memory of the landscape.

The printing process she uses is a lengthy process, involving experimentation and often letting the process lead her. She works from her studio in South London.

Louise graduated with a Fine Art Degree from St Martins and then completed an M.A. in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art. She is a member of the Royal Society of Painter and Printmakers. She has received awards for her prints. Her work is on display in galleries throughout the United Kingdom and she also has work in permanent collections.