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Mick Armson

Mick Armson

I work on location, producing drawings and paintings that form the basis for my printmaking. The resulting urban and coastal landscapes aim to convey a strong sense of place, of movement and always pay attention to closely observed incidental detail.

It is important to me that I have spent time completely absorbed, through drawing, in the environment that a print may derive from so that I have a genuine personal relationship with it. Whilst drawing and painting, events, scenarios, people and wildlife may come and go; I will choose which of these to include in my final print in order to capture my feelings about the subject.

My work is often inspired by London or, by contrast, the west Welsh coast, but will also come from wherever I am or my travels take me.

I live in Greenwich and have my studio at Thames-Side Studios, Woolwich. I print both there and at the adjacent Thames-Side Print Studio. I enjoy being next to the river and that often features in my work. I exhibit in both solo and group shows, including several appearances at the RA Summer Exhibition.

Mick Armson November 2022