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Adam Hogarth

Adam Hogarth

Adam Hogarth is an artist and printmaker working at Thames-side Print Studio as a screenprint technician and course tutor. Adam also uses the studio to create his own artworks, which are predominantly based in screenprinting techniques.

Adam's work is also multi-disciplinary. He is interested in notions of auto-destruction, often creating social commentaries entrenched in politics, art history, commercialisation, community, and popular-culture. His works can appear comically biting, cynical and sometimes cruel, yet at their core is humour, hope and bewilderment at the human condition.  

Based upon recent research trips to Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Sellafield, Bradwell and Dungeness, “The Future’s Forgotten Rituals” is Adam's most recent ongoing body of work exploring a series of fictitious folk communities that hang onto life 900 years after a global mass extinction. A worldwide nuclear meltdown and environmental disaster have regressed humanity into a new dark age. Sea levels have risen catastrophically, most animal species are extinct and much of the land is poisoned. Humans hang onto life, collecting photographs and artefacts dug up from the ground. Regarded as “Sacred Objects”, humans use them to perform mask-wearing rituals and ceremonies that echo a naïve vision of the world’s lost history.