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Jill Mueller

Jill Mueller

I make visual art about the human condition – the inner and outer stories that make us.

I have a specific interest in narrative, health, and our relationship to nature. I first engage a subject through research and creative writing, often building on my lived experience. I devote a lot of time to exploring a wide range of subjects and stories and their connections, and then draw from many different techniques to bring a subject to life visually.

I have several long-term projects in development that engage with unique personal stories from ordinary lives. These begin with writing or interviews and take shape as a story unfolds—they can take years to evolve, requiring patience and commitment.

The materials and techniques I use change with each project, from hands-on approaches that include printmaking, alternative photographic techniques, embroidery, painting and installation to digitally based work with archive imagery, creative writing and book design. I develop new skills as I experiment with different materials and methods for each project—responding to whatever the work calls for.

I strongly believe in art’s power to connect people and transform lives, and I aim for my practice to sit within that movement. The creative process and the viewer’s experience with an artwork are as important to me as any finished work.

My studio is based at Thames-Side Studios in southeast London.