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Yuki Scholl

Yuki Scholl

Yuki Scholl is a printmaker and painter based in London.

Her use of abstract forms is to convey the feelings and emotions of precious yet ephemeral moments found in life.

Having grown up in the countryside in Japan, she embraces seasons and appreciates transient beauty and the imperfections of life and nature. Her inspiration often comes from her childhood memories, daily walks and travels which often involve being immersed in nature.

In the past year, she has been exploring the conceptual landscapes of the world in an attempt to understand and navigate this ever-changing world we live in.

She uses various printing techniques to explore rich textures and nuanced colours. Every print she creates is unique as she carefully hand colours the plate and applies another layer of colour using a roller.

She studied Printmaking at Morley College, London and has previously exhibited at various exhibitions including Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2019, online 2020 and at Woolwich Works 2021.