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Yuki Scholl
‘Drift 2 (unframed)’

Carborundum, Chine-colle, 30cm × 30.5cm, Edition of 1
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About Yuki Scholl

Yuki Scholl is a printmaker and painter based in London.

Her use of abstract forms is to convey the feelings and emotions of precious yet ephemeral moments found in life.

Although her inspiration often comes from being immersed in nature, her work is never a representation of any particular place or image. It is a reflection of thoughts or feelings that she holds at any given moment in time.

She uses various printing techniques which allow her to explore rich textures, shapes and nuanced colours. Every print she creates is unique as she uses multiple layers of hand mixed colours and tone papers on each print.

The process of creating unique works in this way enables her to reflect and contemplate moments that can never be repeated.